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Do You Speak Bocce?

Gallery Show:

"In 1994, Jack Kirby passed away. In the dead of night, Hasbro took possession of his brain, as specified by a lucrative deal made in his twilight years, and it was placed in the biomechanical interface of a supercomputing art automaton. Kirbytron (as he was now referred to) was tasked with designing a new series of Star Wars action figures to try and resurrect the once lucrative toy line. In his new incarnation, Kirbytron set about this task with youthful abandon. In 1995, the Power of the Force line was released in all of its Kirby-esque, muscle-bound glory.

Early in 1996, Kirbytron's support team came into the lab to discover he was gone. It appears that after fashioning a compact, mobile power source, he severed the cables tethering him to the lab. Kirbytron left no trail and his whereabouts are unknown to this day.

This toy features original Kirbytron artwork and a production action figure from the Power of the Force action figure line mounted on a custom card-back. This is a one of a kind piece of art and features Kirbytron's signature day-glow colors. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Jason Chalker’ signature on the art. It’s a clever ruse to hide the true origins of the art.

Disclaimer: This is all fiction… but it sure would explain a lot!"

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