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Young Gohst (Dark Choco Edition)


These 3" tall Young Gohst figures are cast in Dark Choco & Mint colored Japanese vinyl, part of an ongoing series by Ferg x Grody Shogun and produced by the people from Lulubell Toy Bodega.

Please Note: There are four variants of the tongue/brain: Regular (smooth round tongue and normal brain, shown in images), Rocky (faceted/jagged brain and tongue), Turd (similar to regular, but with cracks and crevices) and Nipple (super deformed brain with split/forked tongue). They will be chosen at random for your order, and should you order more than one we will do our best to get you different versions, though we can't guarantee it once our stock runs low.

Previously exclusively available from the European store Mintyfresh, this Young Gohst edition is limited to 50 pieces worldwide!