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Issue 19 - Punch You In The Face!


Included in the pages of this issue is the following:

- Erick Scarecrow - Marc DeAngelis sits down with Erick Scarecrow and learns about why resin is his weapon of choice.
- Gary Ham - King of cute talks to Miranda about his recent second Designer Toy Award win, and the last 10 years of his work in the industry.
- Dust - German Graffiti artist Dust catches up with Erica Patterson and we find out why and how he made the jump to custom toys.
- NagNagNag - Josh Kimberg sat face-to-face with the elusive Shigaru… this is what happened.
- Most Wanted, Part 2 - Trust Pigs talks more to the guys behind the Most Wanted Custom blind box series, and finds out about the past, present and future.
- Mutant Vinyl Hardcore - Andy b talks to one of the most successful USA based Kaiju masters in this in-depth interview.