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Y - Bird Bear

Gallery Show:

The Bird-Bear, is a curios hybrid between a sunbear and a hawk. Using its formidable talons to easily grasp swarming beehives in its lap and to lap the hives dry of their delicious golden centers, humming bird style. It appears to be seemingly unfussed by angry clouds of stinging bees. as it stares blindly into the distance. But one of the most interesting aspects of this fuzzy yellow creature must be its unusual skull. At first glance its multiple eyes appear alarmingly arachnid in character. On closer inspection, one realizes that all eye sockets are empty and that this incredible creature is in fact sightless – relying on its remarkable 'talents' to get around, hunt and avoid predators. One might think that this creature is more like a sitting (rubber) duck rather than the fearsome bird of prey (or bear) it heralds part of its name from. Mixed media customized munny - epoxy, acrylic, spraypaint ~ 3" x 4" x 4". One-of-one.

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