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Sunny the Sloth - Dream Big - 8" Dunny

Gallery Show:

8" Custom Dunny Sunny wants to run as fast as a Bunny...In the meantime it is daydreaming about all the track records it will break, all the trophies it could win and the medals it will someday carry around its non-existing neck.

However, this little Sloth needs a trainer who believes in it and someone to cheer it on from the sidelines. Sunny is ready to go and dressed adequately for the occasion - in a tracksuit.

Who of you is willing to make dreams come true and help a gentle, clueless Sloth to achieve its dreams? YOU?! Great!

Go get your whistle, stopwatch, pom poms, cheerleader outfit and a book to read or even a tent, because it might take a while for Sunny to "run" aka crawl its first lap :)

About the DTA Dunny Show:

The DTA Dunny custom show is one of the most prestigious custom art toy exhibitions around. Created by Clutter and Kidrobot to celebrate the huge amount of talent in the industry, and support the annual Designer Toy Awards, it always offers a visual treat.

The shows are always highly curated, and often looked as at a breeding ground for new production Dunny pieces.

100% of the profits for this show go towards the Designer Toy Awards - often with artists also donating their share of the profits.