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SSNYC - Secret Society of New York City

Gallery Show:

The Secret Society has many chapters around the world all devoted to keeping global Balance and Order as they see fit. Founded in England to serve the Monarchy They have since evolved into a brotherhood that is not bound by royalty or empty ideology, they do not serve any government or movement but rather by a shared belief of a higher being and purpose - Good or Evil is irrelevant to the SS because the duality and dichotomy is merely defined by opposing human entities and as such is inherently flawed.

The Secret Society of New York City (SSNYC) was first annexed by Sir Tiberius Dreamer months before he was killed. It is located somewhere in Brooklyn near the bridge hidden inside a series of nondescript brownstones. Movement in and out is usually through direct access to the river or subway, but some members prefer to drive - Air travel however is strictly limited to special night missions only.

The Clubhouse as these hidden Locations are referred to worldwide is a state of the art facility used primarily for Experimental Research, Development and Membership assembly; but they it is also known to have interrogation, detention and torture chambers - but their existence is officially denied.

Rats are however, a chronic problem.

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