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"Radioactive Raspberry" Ice Scream Man


Standing at 5.5" tall this SPARKLY, GLOW IN THE DARK, RADIOACTIVE RASPBERRY! version features a flat bottom cone in shiny high-gloss black - a perfect compliment to offset the sparkling pink ice scream! Limited to just 25 pieces, each one is signed and numbered by the artist, Brutherford Industries. Rotocast polyurethane (look it up, vinyl junkies, it's the good stuff)!

Figure designed and produced by Brutherford Industries, with box artwork by Tamara Petrosino. The Ice Scream Man came to Brutherford in a vision after a freak accident involving a toilet and a clock. The Ice Scream Man is pure evil… a bringer of cavities and brain freeze.

Rotocast at Brutherford Industries in New Jersey, USA.