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Ra'amsmaare, Talon of the Golden Draillean - 8"

Gallery Show:

An 8" tall Dunny vinyl figure heavily modified and hand-painted by Josh "fplus" Pearce. Using fleshy-feeling silicon for the skin on the face, this piece was remade into a 9" tall creation through epoxy and wire, with the finishing touch of some found beads adorning its neck.

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The Backstory of Ra'amsmaare

Draillea, a city known for its volcanic mountain range and industrious draillean-powered stronghold, has a shameful secret not easily spoken of. Far beyond their formidable iron walls, lies a cliffside monastery, populated entirely by their unwanted children: Draillean looking "half-breeds" that are left outside the city. The people of Draillea look upon this rare birth as a shameful curse, and thus the practice began of leaving the scaly, horned infants to either die in the harsh mountain forests or be adopted by the monks of the Golden Song.

As a side effect of their strange heritage (which is actually a rare recessive cosmetic trait, and not truly from crossbreeding with drailleans), Drathun or "half-breeds" are genderless, and there for do not build families of their own. The monkhood is their true family, and under the guidance of their master, the golden Draillean ancient Maj'Draru, they find a life of balance and acceptance.

Over the generations, these monks have worked tirelessly to build a home in the inhospitable pumice cliffs of the Viscrea mountains, creating a haven for those cast out by their birth families. They live a mostly peaceful, isolated life among the cliffs, a stark contrast to the aggressive and bustling metropolis of Draillea.

However, life is not always peaceful among the monks. There are zealots from around the world that see the Drathun as a tainted scourge, and occasionally attempt to destroy the monastery and all those within. Fortunately, the Drathun are skilled in combat and have been able to protect their home for centuries.

Then, there are those motivated by greed, seeking to siege the humble monastery in hopes of laying claim to the legendary golden dragon's treasure. However, to get to such a treasure; if there indeed is one, would require getting past the incredibly powerful Maj' Draru, a feat yet to be accomplished.