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King Korpse Halloween Blank


The 2017 Designer Toy Award's TOY OF THE YEAR! Designed by James Groman and produced by Japanese masters Instinctoys, this 12" soft vinyl goliath is set to destroy New York Comic Con!

Limited to 50 pcs total, there are only 25 pieces available in the United States exclusively through Clutter at NYCC, for $400 per piece! 

The newest King Korpse features the Roaring face sculpt and comes paired with an unpainted black skeleton woman. Photographs don't do the Vibrant Fluorescent Orange Soft Vinyl justice! You'll have to see it to believe it!

These will be sold via lottery system on Thursday and Friday, with any remainder available first come first serve for the rest of the weekend. Tickets will be given out from 11am to 1pm on both days with sales drawn at 1:30pm . Limited to 1 per person.

Available to purchase at Clutter's booth #575 at New York Comic Con Oct 5th - 8th.

Any remaining product will be avilable here online Oct 10th, 2017.