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Curly Horned Dunnylope Designer Toy Awards colorway - White 5"


Kidrobot has once again teamed up with the Designer Toy Awards to celebrate Break-Through artists, Horrible Adorables, Break-through Artist winners, with a Production Dunny Design!

In support of the DTAs Kidrobot created this amazing exclusive colorway, of the Curly Horned Dunnylope, where 100% of the profits go directly to the production cost of the DTAs.

From an enchanted forest in a distance, land lives a mythical creature so rare only the most avid collectors can catch it.

This meticulously designed 5-inch Kidrobot Dunny features the unmistakable signature style that Jordan’s Horrible Adorables creations share, and you can buy this exclusively from Clutter!

Limited to 200 pieces