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Baron Blutbad

Gallery Show:

Baron Blutbad is a 5¾" resin cast action figure by ManOrMonster? Made in a gallery exclusive edition of 3 pieces, this work features six points of magnetic articulation and comes with an extra head, gun, and tank legs attachments. Also included are a vial of "blood" and 2 "Clutter pink" Cosmic Gemskulls.

The year is 1957 and BARON BLUTBAD, the evil transforming cyborg Nazi Vampire, has declared war on all of humanity! Launching a nuclear holocaust and drawing the world's nations into WWIII, BARON BLUTBAD leads his Nazi vampire legions in search of the Six Cosmic Gemskulls that will, in combination with The Blood of the First, grant him supreme power over the Universe!
But all hope is not lost! An elite group of Heaven's Soldiers have been sent to Earth to enlist in the US Army and help save the world... they are the USAngels!
In the war for the survival of the human race, whose side will you be on?

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